Real Estate by Relationship® Academy

A Comprehensive Program Built to Teach you how to Leverage your Entire Business, by Relationship.

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You Are In The Right Place

And Real Estate by Relationship® Academy will give you the tools, systems, motivation and support you need to build your entire business by relationship.

Before I Tell You All About This Life Changing Program...

Let's talk about who The Academy is really for.

Whether You're...

  • Already working by relationship, but you're ready to take your business to the next level.
  • New to working by relationship and need to know how to get started and keep the ball rolling.
  • Successful in your business, but exhausted and limited by this changing market and you're ready to gain control of your life again.

By The End Of This

Program You Will Have

An Organized Database

A Repeat & Referral Business is only as good as it's sorted and qualified Database. You will create a powerful list of your Relationships, so you know how to spend your time, and who to spend it with.

Implemented Dialogues

Learn proven, powerful Dialogues that help you begin conversations with potential leads that convert into business. Plus learn WHY asking for referrals is outdated, and what to say instead.


Know how to identify your businesses weaknesses and leverage your personal strengths to build your confidence, in any market, any time of year.


Understand how to identify the influencers in your life, and on Social Media. Utilize your platforms and turn them into Lead Generation Tools, instead of time wasters.

Systems, Organization & Plans

You will craft your own Marketing Plan as well as Organization that builds new relationships, deepens existing connections and creates a steady stream of income for your business.

So, What's Inside?

Eleven Modules Covering:

Module 1 | The WHY Behind Relationships

  • The Relationship Mindset and why it matters to your business.
  • Why the Transfer of Trust is critical for a relationship-based business.
  • Goodbye ineffective marketing, hello predictable stream of income.
  • How to make the Know, Like and Trust Factor work for you.
  • How to communicate to your Database.  

Module 2 | Building your List of Relationships... Your Database

  • How to build your Database.
  • What your crucial Top 100 is and who belongs in it.
  • A deep dive into CRM's; how they work/how they don't and which one can work for YOUR business.
  • How to properly sort and qualify your list of relationships.
  • How to rank your Database appropriately.  

Module 3 | Becoming Top of Mind

  • What the Law of Propinquity is.
  • How to apply the Law of Propinquity to Real Estate by Relationship®.
  • What an Influencer means to your life and business, and how to find them.
  • How Top of Mind Awareness is vital when building your business.
  • How to ensure your Database is thinking about YOU.

Module 4 | Marketing the Relational Way

  • What a Marketing Mix is and what yours should be.
  • Marketing of The Past vs. Marketing of Today.
  • Monthly mailing Postcards and why consistency can make all of the difference with your Database.
  • How to lead generate without feeling icky or salesy.
  • How to work the Real Estate by Relationship® system.  

Module 5 | Let's Party!

  • Why Client Parties and Events are crucial for bringing your Database together.
  • Ideas for Client Parties and Events, from small gatherings to annual events.
  • How to properly incorporate Marketing into your events.
  • How to follow a system to ensure you're receiving every benefit available from hosting events.
  • Tips, Tricks and How To's of hosting a successful event.  

Module 6 | Asking for Business

  • Why asking for "Referrals" is outdated and what language you can use instead.
  • Dialogues that encourage conversations that can lead to more transactions.
  • How to train your Database to send consistent business your way.  

Module 7 | Creating a Client for Life

  • How to stay Top of Mind with your Database.
  • What it means to be the "Go-To" Agent for all of your clients Real Estate needs.
  • The different marketing techniques to use with previous clients vs. current clients vs. future clients.   

Module 8 | Keeping your Pipeline Full

  • Strategies to keep your Pipeline full and organized.
  • How to schedule follow-ups to ensure a complete and robust pipeline year-round.
  • The importance of tracking and how it can benefit your business.  

Module 9 | Social Media Marketing

  • The in's and out's of each platform and how to use them to benefit your business.
  • How to ensure your Social Media profiles are optimized for success.
  • How to take the online, offline and deepen relationships to generate business.
  • The power of Instagram and Facebook stories, and why it's the number one way to create conversations online.
  • How to find the influencers in your life and business.  

Module 10 | REALTOR® to REALTOR® Relationships

  • How to set up a Database for REALTORS®
  • REALTOR® referrals and how to treat them differently than the rest of your Database.
  • A simple, yet effective, marketing plan in creating exposure and capitalizing on it.
  • How to turn networking events and opportunities with REALTORS® all of the country into business.  

Module 11 | Running your Relational Business

  • Tips, tricks and strategies to stay organized in your business.
  • How to implement systems that allow you to focus on what matters most in your business.  

What Academy Graduates Are Saying


Deepening those relationships and being consistent with them has always seemed daunting. The Academy offers great insight into methods of accomplishing this that are not overwhelming and very doable, even by me! Having a great time implementing what I am learning and thankful for the resource to continually turn to!

Shannondoah D.
REALTOR® | Academy Graduate


I wish this was the very first training I could have done in the beginning of my real estate career. I would have eliminated so much confusion and indecision I have experienced in my years since becoming licensed. My circle of relationships would be double, if not triple, than it is now. I am excited to see where my business is this time next year after learning from Barb! 10 out 10 recommend!

Tonya H.
REALTOR® | Academy Graduate

I Can't Wait For You To Join, Future Academy Member

Over the last 20 years of my life in Real Estate, I have learned the in's and out’s of succeeding in this business, all by trial and error. From getting my license to becoming a Broker and ultimately opening my own brokerage, I always knew I wanted to do Real Estate differently. By building my business on the core foundation of working relationally, I have found that this method has truly changed my life for the better. And I want to share that success with YOU. If the idea of working relationally resonates with you, then you are in the right place, and I can’t wait to watch how this dynamic program changes your business and your life.

My Real Estate by Relationship® Academy has been proven to change the way agents and brokers alike run their businesses and has allowed them to find freedom both financially and in how they work with clients. 

Are you ready to follow in their footsteps? If so, let’s begin!

Barb Betts, Speaker | Broker | REALTOR® | CEO | Trainer