Let's Go Further, Together

RELATE Coaching

with Barb Betts

Elite Coaching for

Real Estate Professionals

It's Time to LEVEL UP in 2023 - and I'm here to HELP YOU!

Schedule a 15 Minute Consult Call with ME and let's begin crafting YOUR Coaching Game Plan... For FREE.

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Let's Go Further, Together

RELATE Coaching

with Barb Betts

Elite Coaching for

Real Estate Professionals

It's Time to LEVEL Up your Business in 2023. And I'm Here to HELP!

Schedule a 15 Minute Consult Call with ME and Let's Begin Crafting YOUR Coaching Game Plan... For FREE.

That's Right.

A FREE Coaching Consult, with Me...

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Before RELATE Coaching begins, I'd love to schedule a Free Coaching Chat with YOU.

We'll talk about;

Where you and your Real Estate Business Stand TODAY,

Where you Want to go in your Relational Marketing Journey,

and HOW we can get you to your Goals, TOGETHER.

I'll give you the inside scoop on exactly what RELATE Coaching can do for you and your Business and share everything you'll gain by joining my program.

Because if I've learned anything over my 20+ year journey in Real Estate, it's that every Real Estate Professional can Benefit from finding their Community and Synergy.

But not only do their Businesses and Careers Benefit,

their Personal Lives do TOO.

And I want to give that to YOU.

WHO is RELATE Coaching For?

  • Real Estate Professionals who are already working with a Relationships-First Mindset
  • Real Estate Professionals who have been in the Industry for at least 12-Months
  • Real Estate Professionals who are READY to have deep, meaningful and occasionally difficult conversations
  • Real Estate Professionals who are READY to be transparent, honest, share and engage with like-minded Agents

Everything you'll receive when you become a RELATE Coaching Member

  • Personalized Coaching Calls with your Coach and your Real Estate Peers
  • Systems, Tools and Mindsets built to Enhance your Relationship Based Marketing Plan
  • Techniques and Strategies for Increasing your Income and Closing More Deals
  • Support and Accountability to help you stay on Track and Achieve your Goals
  • Access to our Exclusive Network of Top-Performing Real Estate Agents (Who all work Relationally)


RELATE Monthly Subscription, Charged Monthly.

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All-In Achievement

RELATE Yearly Subscription,

One-Time Payment.

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Meet your RELATE: Elite Coach

Barb Betts

Keynote Speaker | Broker | REALTOR® | CEO | Trainer | Coach

As a Broker/Owner, REALTOR®, and CEO who has personally experienced the benefits of Group Coaching, I can tell you firsthand that it is a game-changer. In a supportive and collaborative environment, you'll be able to connect with other agents who are also striving to succeed in their careers. You'll receive personalized coaching and guidance from me, as well as the motivation and accountability that comes from being part of a group of like-minded and motivated Real Estate Professionals, just like YOU.

But Group Coaching isn't just about Professional Growth. It's also about finding balance and fulfillment in your Personal Life. You'll learn valuable tools and strategies for managing your time and energy, as well as how to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a Real Estate Professional.

In RELATE Coaching we’ll be Masterminding, Networking, Learning, Growing, Supporting, and Cheering each other on. We’ll have the hard conversations about our Industry, and learn how to stay accountable in our day-to-day lives. We’ll push each other to go further than ever imagined. And most importantly, we’ll RELATE to each other, connect with ourselves and work together to help you achieve your career goals.

So... Are you ready to take your business to the next level and join RELATE Coaching?

Let's Chat.